Fun Fair!

To pull off our largest fundraiser, we need LOTS of help.  Thankfully, we have great folks heading up each of the main committees.  That said, everyone can use support.  Here is the sign up genius to let us know how you can lend a hand.

Contact Malva Mangan, anyone of the Board or reach out to the specific committee chairperson(s) listed below if you have any questions.



In the past, we have sold pizza and hotdogs.  Some years we have had food donated from the likes of Canes, Chick Fila, Baja Bean, etc.   We have also solicited through sign up genius baked goods to be sold. What will it be this year? You can help decide!  If you can help gather supplies or sell food on the day of, please contact  Hannah Barnaby or Amy Allen.

Games & Prizes

The Fun Fair typically offers over 30 games and activities.  If you are interested in being part of the fun, whether it be determining what games/activities to provide, organizing gaming materials, setting up the games the evening before, running a game the day of or helping to clean up after, please contact Jen Smith.


Publicity and Decorations

The more people who come to the Fun Fair. . . the well, more fun it is and the more we get to share and celebrate how awesome our school community is.  In addition to decorating the school and PTO display case, we also want to spread the word to the larger community.  You can help us do that through word of mouth but if you are interested in making posters, handing out flyers, contacting local newspapers, etc., please contact Lindsay Diamond or Meghan Holub.




There are two parts to the raffle.  First, we solicit raffle “prizes” from teachers.  For example, “lunch with Ms. X” or “Chess match with Y” etc.  We have a description for each prize and a paper bag in which raffle tickets (with contact information) are placed. The second part of the raffle are Gift Baskets.  Some years, there has been a “class” basket where each grade donates items to be included in its basket.  More recently, we have requested donated items for specifically themed baskets (e.g., “fun in the sun”, “sports and leisure” “movie time”, etc.  These baskets also have a paper bag in front of them to collect tickets. Names are drawn at the end of the fair for the winners.  If you are interested in helping out on this committee, please contact Kim McQuown.

Silent Auction

The Silent Auction is the PTOs largest fundraiser of the spring.  There are several ways to help out here.  We are always looking to expand and update our list of businesses who might be interested in supporting us.  In addition, the more hands on deck to mail out letters requesting donations, the quicker that process goes.  We are currently in the follow-up phase where we call or stop by local businesses, especially those who have donated in the past, to see the best way to pick up items (e.g., mail to school versus in person pick up).  Having people willing to make those calls and swing by local establishments to pick up donations is of great assistance.  Folks can also help out creating lists for the silent auction, a brochure of items, monitoring the auction, determining winning bids, notifying the winners and collecting bids/delivering items.  If you are interested in helping out, please contact Kate Scales.


Game Tickets are pre-sold and sold at the event.  Families can also pre-order arm bands (more like wrist bands) for $10 which gives wearers unlimited access to games.  The bands are ONLY available as pre-orders; they are NOT sold at the door.  In addition to game tickets, we also sell raffle tickets.  Pre-sold raffle tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5.  At the event, raffle tickets are $1 each.  This committee can always use help filling pre-orders and then the day of, selling tickets.  If you can help out with either task, please contact Maureen Boisvert, Mary McIntyre or Amy Barbour.


To make the Fun Fair a success, we typically need over 90 volunteers.  We try to minimize the number of parents who volunteer the day of so that they can participate in the activities with their children.  The main sources for volunteers include teachers, UVA students, high school students and at times middle school students. The typical shift is 1-2 hours.  The games run for the first two hours of the fun fair.  The last half hour is for last minute silent auction bids and raffle entering.  A few activities continue in the Gym to entertain the kids and concessions remain open during the last half hour.  We need volunteers for set up and clean up (often parents), concessions (also, often parents), games, ticket table (often teachers), etc.  Sign up genius can work for parent volunteers especially for the dessert walk as well as set up/clean up.  It is helpful to have one person who greets the volunteers as they arrive and makes sure they get to the correct room and answer any questions.  If possible, it is great to have another person (or two) check in throughout the Fair to offer water or the chance to fill in to enable a restroom break.  If you are interested in soliciting volunteers and/or helping to organize and support their participation on the day of the fair, please contact Beth Daane.