September 2015 PTO Meeting Minutes

Woodbrook Elementary School
PTO Meeting Minutes- September 2015

•    In Attendance:  Sara Henry, Stephanie Heath, Rebecca Reed, Susan Pollack, Amanda Key, Emily Whipple, Ellen Powell, Jasmine Johnson, Heather Santiago, Zarina Burdge, Lindsay Diamond, Myra Pellissier, Amy Barbour, Kendra Aylor, Irma Arriaga, Melissa Moran, Daisy Rojas, Tert Jordan, Sheryl Feggans, Shanna Smith, Nicole Salsgiver, Elee Rasmussen, Jennifer Smith, Kate Scales, Hannah Barnaby, Kim McQuown, Justim McQuown, Pam Atkinson, Daniel Mejia, Maureen Boisvert, Jorie DeBoer, John Boyd, Barbara Boyd, Allison Peretin, Beth /Sam Daane, Lorrie Smith, Jennifer Raymond, A. Jormu, Lisa Molinaro.

•    Sara Henry welcomed all to the new school year, and introduced all filled PTO positions.  Announced that Ms. Wills-Taylor would be the Teacher PTO representative.

•    May 2015 PTO minutes are approved.

•    Sara calls for any nominations for vacant PTO board positions (VP of Means & Ways, Members At Large).  Thanks to Kate Scales and Jasmine Johnson who are voted into a shared position as VP W & M position.  Heather Dorsey and Rachel Cogswell are interested in being Members At Large.  Discussion ensues of whether a parent can have a board position if their child no longer attends Woodbrook.  This matter was tabled until October meeting so that bylaws may be reviewed.

•    Discussion of bylaw stating only 2 year board positions was voted to be amended.  Pam Atkinson will serve a 3rd year as PTO Treasurer.

•    Presentation from 5th grade (Mrs. Jasper and student Shawn Feggans) asking PTO to help support 2 chartered bus trips planned for the 5th grade (Jamestown & W’burg).  Presentation included price quotes for families if they used 1 or 2 chartered buses.  Planned to get specific details from front office staff, and have PTO board members vote this week since field trips are starting soon!  Informative discussion lead by Lisa Molinaro, Sara Henry and Pam Atkinson in regard to how field trips are paid for  (PTO  helps offset some of the field trip costs for families, and grants).

•    Pam Atkinson (PTO Treasurer) reviewed Woodbrook budget comparing last years profits/expenditures and projected profits/expenditures for the 2015-2016 school year.  Question raised about whether the projected budget last year was close to actual budget (did we break even?).  Of note, budget can be approved, then we go line by line to decide which events we do.

•    Vote taken on assemblies’ budget (approved).

•    Lengthy discussion about whether catalog fundraisers are worth the effort.  Plan to bring back the Innisbrook Catalog fundraiser. Being that we are a 5013C nonprofit corporation, donations are tax deductible.  Parent council representative said that many more schools are going towards specific money donations since it ALL would go to the school (called Direct Appeals).  Icon will be added to the PTO webpage.

•    Announced that PTO board approved (prior to meeting) $200 to go to each new teacher at Woodbrook to help get their classroom set ($1600).  Has been a standard approval in years past.

•    Upcoming Events some in need of coordinators: Movie Night, ACAC (free event and fundraiser for our school-100% of certain memberships will go to our school), Family Dinner/Book Fair needs.

•    PTO plans to order more small   Woodbrook pawprint car magnets.

•    Encouraged all to register their grocery card with Woodbrook as it is a cash reward program now, no longer point system!  Kroger, Harris Teeter, and Giant

•    Amy Barbour plans to discuss Eco Flower Fundraising at October PTO meeting.

*  Sara Henry reviewed who would be contact person for other fundraising events (attractions books, restaurant nights, book fair, box tops, election  day bake sale).

•    Lindsay discussed her brand new, parent friendly, awesome PTO website!  All were pleased!

•    Principal Molinaro announced that Woodbrook is no longer a FOCUS school!