October 2017 PTO Meeting Minutes

PTO Meeting minutes
October 17, 2017

Art @ Woodbrook Elem.


In attendance:

Maureen Boisvert, Danielle Steiner, Ellen Powell, Jen Smith, Kim McQuown, Katrina Byers, Tasha White, Jamee Dion, Amy Barbour, Lisa Molinaro, Meg Holub, Dana Griffin, Stephanie Heath, Kerri Kirkeide, Julie Keseday, Nina Getchell, Beth Daane, Mike and Sara Henry, Kate Scales, and Elizabeth Killian


  • Fundraising Discussion from Meg Holub and Beth Daane
    • Reviewed Feed the Bear and Bee the Change documents
    • Scanned the documents for typos
    • Draft of activities of what will be going on during FTB and BTC
      • Discussed what is needed from other PTO members to help/provide support for fundraising
  • Poinsettia Sales from Corner Store in Greene County
    • Have some on sight for Maker Night- December 8
    • Form will go home on Halloween, forms will be due back November 15
      • 4.5” for $1.75 at cost selling for $5 (small)
      • 6” for $3.25 at cost selling for $10 (medium)
      • 8” for $8.75 at cost selling for $20 (large)
  • Bake Sale
    • Sara Henry said that she might be able to take over the bake sale
    • May get the Boy Scouts to help run the bake sale
    • Stephanie reached out to YWLP to help with the bake sale, will let Sara and Beth know what she hears back
  • Christmas Sale for students to purchase gifts for their loved ones
    • Not a fundraiser
    • Information will go out November 8
    • Beth Daane is taking the charge on this
    • Will need volunteers (will discuss later)
  • Treasurer’s Report from Maureen Boisvert
    • Reviewed deposits, checks written, and balance as of October 5
    • Treasurer’s report was approved
  • Parent Council Report from Kim McQuown
    • Mental health panel reviewed what they do within the county and for the students
      • Look for the root of the behavior
      • Have conversations- keep communication open between home/student/school
      • Ask for resources to get help for your child
    • Parent council website www.acpsparentcouncil.org
      • Link this website to the PTO website
    • Kim will travel with teachers to Richmond and visit the Sabot Institute tomorrow, will provide a parent’s perspective
  • Communications Report from Jen Smith
    • Monthly newsletter will go out October 31
    • Giving tree info will go out November 17 so that parents can take advantage of Black Friday sales
    • Reviewed additional dates
    • Websites and email blasts, everyone should be getting it now. Let Jen know if you don’t get them
  • Redistricting Update from Jen Smith
    • Open forum meeting October 30 at Agnor Hurt, 6-8pm
    • Community meeting November 8 at Agnor Hurt (Time – TBD but probably 6:30)- will allow comments and questions
    • Started with three options of how they could move around students
    • Currently down to two general ideas
      • (1) Domino effect (Greer→ Agnor Hurt then Agnor Hurt would come here), perhaps using 29 as the dividing line, makes sense long term and geographically but affects a lot of families, affects Agnor-Hurt’s demographics, could affect middle school and fills Woodbrook to capacity quickly.
      • (2) Woodbrook would mostly get students directly from Greer and a smaller number (if any) from Agnor Hurt.  Affects fewer families; less likely to impact middle school, allows more room for future growth, geographically looks odd, continue with split feeder patterns to middle school at Agnor-Hurt, question whether it relieves enough overcrowding at Greer and Agnor-Hurt.
      • [email protected] (for questions or concerns that you would like for the redistricting committee to review)
  • Other Updates
    • Room Parents
      • Follow up with the teachers to see who has and has not gotten a room parent
      • Reviewed what a room parent is for those who may not know
    • Upcoming Events
      • October 24 @ 6PM- Documentary called Screenagers being shown at Johnson Elementary/$10 cost
      • Chat and Chew- November 20 from 2:45-4:15 pm
        • panel of 10 parents talking with teachers and working on relationships and how race is perceived at Woodbrook
  • New Event: Talent Show led by Heather Santiago, Piper Gary and Brandon Readus – 4/25
    • Perhaps coordinate with an art fundraiser (online) can be sent out to people all over and/or work art fundraiser into other/multiple spring activities.