October 2016 PTO Meeting minutes

Woodbrook PTO Meeting
October 11, 2016

In Attendance: Kerri Kerkeide, Meghan Bradley, Maureen Boisvert, Lisa Molinaro, Ellen Powell, Kim McQuown, Sara Henry, Elizabeth Killian, Kate Scales, Kendra Aylor, Susan Pollack, Leslie Willis Taylor

1.  September Meeting Minutes – Meghan Bradley

Highlights include election of co-Presidents Ellen Powell and Kerri Kirkeide; Discussion of bond referendum/ Woodbrook expansion.  For details visit:


  1. Treasurer’s Report – Maureen BoisvertA few significant deposits in September. Everyone encouraged to link Kroger card to Woodbrook PTO.  Goal is to link over 50 families. Note will go home with instructions to families at parent teacher conferences.

Attractions books can still be purchased online.  Families will be reminded to return the books if they choose not to purchase them.

T-shirt orders still coming in.  Will fulfill order soon.

Teachers will be reminded to submit receipts for use of teacher grant dollars

3. Communications Report – Ellen Powell

Jen Smith would like feedback on website and newsletter. Email blasts (on an as needed basis) have been suggested. List could be generated using Directory.

Directory will be complete and posted on the PTO website soon.  Password is .

Teacher favorites binder is with Jen Smith.  Parents encouraged to review when complete.

4.  Past Month’s Fundraising Efforts

a) Attractions Book – Can still be purchased online
b)  Chick Fil-A – Successful
c)  Teacher Luncheon- Successful.  Teachers appreciative. February is next luncheon
d)  Movie Night- Successful.
Upcoming Events

  1. a) Book Fair– Volunteers needed. Sign up Genius is distributed and Amy Barbour will ask 4th and 5th grade teachers to find student volunteersb) Family Dinner Night- October 21. Sign up Genius distributed. Discussion on having a craft table in the art room. Meghan Bradley to see if Key Club Members interested in volunteering. Bookmark decorating suggestedc) Election Day Bake Sale- Each teacher contributing one item. Beth Daane will provide information when she returns.

    d) Maker Night- November 11

    e) Future Restaurant Fundraisers-Jay Franklin following up on leads

    f) Feed the Bear Campaign- Launch campaign in November.  Bake sale is a good opportunity.  Pay Pal is an option, but there is a fee per transaction. Maureen Boisvert will research.

    Campaign Promotion ideas:
    – Handout in student folders
    – Events- researching tablet/ square for credit card donations
    *Thank you notes to donors – will need volunteers.  Will serve as receipt.

    Other Item: Exploring bowling as potential fundraiser

Other item: Parent Teacher Conferences.  Ellen Powell will send out sign-up form for parents to provide snacks for teachers.

Principal’s Report

Thank you to PTO for supporting Pacifique presentation. Very touching and inspiring.

October 26 – Last bond referendum meeting before the vote. The Woodbrook design has been approved. Architect meeting with staff, collaborating on creative ideas for music room, playgrounds and maker spaces. Designs centered on multi-age school concept. More information to come.


Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 15, 6:30pm, Woodbrook Library
(Note: 3rd Tuesday due to election day holiday)