November 2015 PTO Meeting Minutes

PTO Meeting Minutes-November 2015

*In Attendance:  Heather Santiago, Angel Santiago, Sheryl Feggans, Jacki Harris, Ellen Powell, Lee Rasmussen, Lindsay Diamond, Kim McQuown, Sara Henry, Pam Atkinson, Amy Barbour, Beth Daane, Lisa Molinaro.

*November minutes approved, with the addition that the “budget 2015-2016 was voted and approved”.

*Announcement that Emily Holstrom (Woodbrook guidance counselor) has agreed to help Tracey Williams and Stephanie Heath with yearbook pictures and organization.

*World Language Program:  Cale Elementary School already has a world language program, so there is a desire to add a northern and western feeder school to this program.  Paperwork was submitted by Lisa Molinaro, and Woodbrook has been selected as northern “feeder” elementary school (Merriweather Lewis selected as “western feeder school”).  If the ACPS budget is approved, then this program would start at our school for K-2nd grade in the fall of 2016!  Currently, we are in a  planning year, which means teachers can review tools, etc so that they will be prepped if this starts at our school next fall.  FLES (Foreign Language in Elementary School)  is 75-180 minutes per week of content taught in another language.  Woodbrook would hire another teacher for FLES program.  Rusty Carlock (lead facilitator for the ACPS World Languages, International & ESOL Programs) presented the information on this World Language Program, and discussed  the benefits of being bilingual at an early age.  Research on bilingualism shows improved learning skills and higher test scores!  Woodbrook would have to vote on what language to learn.  Mr Carlock would be available to return for another presentation in the Spring of 2016, if ACPS approves this budget, so that we can learn more.

*Proposed changes to PTO bylaws:  Lee Rasmussen (lawyer and WB parent) updated forms to be in use of current corporation terminology, and wrote up intent on allowing 3 year PTO board terms.  Vote was unanimous for approval of bylaw changes and updates.

*Jacki Harris discussed the Teacher Wish Lists and the Woodbrook Giving Tree.  The Giving Tree is for much needed supplies in our classrooms and around the school.  There is a number system so that the gifts can be chosen anonymously, that way the gifts are hopefully spread around more evenly to teachers and support staff.  Please pick an ornament off the tree and attach that ornament to the gift (wrapping gift is optional).  Office staff has a list of which number belongs to each teacher or staff, if you are interested in also giving to a certain teacher/support staff of your choice.

*December 4th Movie Night:  “Inside Out” movie will most likely be voted by 3,4 and 5th graders.  Looking for volunteers to help coordinate.

Fundraising Results:

*ACAC $570.00/would like to offer this to Woodbrook community again next year

*Attractions books $1867.50 profit on 153 books sold (34 books lost or missing)

*Box Tops total summer/fall:  $864.30  (behind on projected revenue!)  Reminder that Box Tops may be turned in year round, and there is a box in front office underneath sign in computer.  January/February contest may need to be longer to stir up participation.

*Election Day Bake Sale $700.00!  Great effort by Beth Daane, volunteers, and Junior League of Cville.  Junior League donated > 60 %of our baked goods and most of our morning volunteer time!  Discussed many voters who reminisced how Woodbrook used to sell wonderful chili and other food options          for all the voters.  Discussed the potential for huge revenues next year as it is a Presidential election year!


*Scholastic Book Fair >$1600 cash sales!  Each teacher was able to get atleast one book ?$75

*Innisbrrok Catalog Fund raiser is underway but numbers are low.  $1940 profit online and sales.

*Dinner Nights:  Beth Daane  sees same families every month at current restaurants, and looking to add more interest if possible.  Asking for input on new restaurants. Have potential leads on Bounce-n-Play and AMF Bowling.

*Amazon site used to give 6% on all purchases, now only 0.5% since recession!  Amazon Smile—will add link to Woodbrook website.

Treasurers Report:

*$20,528 in account but we still need to pay for Attractions booklets and Innisbrook!  Our year estimates are higher than actuals, and we need to make up this difference!  Specifically, Restaurant night-estimated: $1200, to date actual-$100, estimated box top $1500, to date actual -$850, estimated catalog sales $2585, to date actual-$1940.

*Due to these above numbers, we did NOT vote on Mimeo Board purchase as this is a $1900 item.  Discussed ideas of a Direct Giving Campaign during the Sweetheart Dance February 2016, with the goal amount to equal the cost of the board.

Silent Auction and Fun Fair:

*Letters need to go out to Silent Auction business partners now (in December).  We need a LEAD volunteer to start organizing!  Please think of volunteering your time!

*Beth Daane asked if a business could offer up services, and donate all of their profits to the school.  For instance, she could use her photography skills and set up  photo shoots, then donate proceeds to Woodbrook!  Discussion ensued, about how this could effect other similar business owners in the community… but these other businesses could have their own chance to offer their skills, too.


*The PTO button on the Woodbrook main site needs to be moved up for better visibility.  Lindsay was to write to Martha Smith and ask about getting this done.

Next PTO Meeting December 15, 2015 from 6:30-8:00, back in the library!