May 2017 PTO Meeting Minutes

Attending:  Jen Smith, Kate Scales, Kim McQuown, Kerri Kirkeide, Meg Holub, Elizabeth Killian, Stephanie Heath, Lorrie Smith, Maureen Boisvert,  Beth Daane, Malva Mangan, Susan Pollack, Lisa Molinaro, Ellen Powell

April minutes were mentioned as having been approved by email.

Maureen gave a treasurer’s report and discussed year-end financials.  We need to close out the year and still have some outstanding budget items.  See attached report and budget summary.

Jen reported on a proposed new email blast format for next year to include periodic updates on the construction. She continues to add to Google docs.  She will start a Google Forum soon so people can start preparing for the June 1 meeting at school about the construction plans and timetable.

Lorrie reported that the last Parent Council meeting is coming up, so there was nothing new to report since the last PTO meeting.

Events since the last meeting were 1) 2 Which Wich Restaurant Nights – no earnings report yet; 2) Fun Fair, which ran very smoothly and was a great time for all despite earnings coming in under budget; the new dunking booth was a winner; 3) Teacher Appreciation Week was truly appreciated, according to Lisa and Susan. The “Thanks a Latte” cart and red box coupons were especially a hit.

Upcoming events are 1) 2 Fabio’s Restaurant Nights, May 16 and June 6; 2) Sweet Frog (Hollymead) “Dessert Night,” May 19; 3) Multicultural Fair – May 26, 5-7:30 PM (a school event, but PTO contributing; family booths are still welcome.)

Board elections for 2017-18 were held.  New officers are President – Kerri Kirkeide and Ellen Powell; Vice-President, Ways and Means – Meg Holub and Beth Daane; Vice-President, Communications – Jen Smith and Malva Mangan; Secretary – Stephanie Heath; Treasurer – Maureen Boisvert; At-Large – Kate Scales and Elizabeth Killian.

A sign-up sheet for next year’s PTO Activity Chairs was circulated.  PTO members are encouraged to ask folks they know would be good at particular jobs.  Ellen will email all of this year’s activity chairs to request they type up the tasks and timeline required for the jobs they did, for storage in Google Docs.

The proposed guidelines for vendor fundraising at PTO events will be discussed and approved by the Board at their next meeting.

Ellen will ask Meghan Bradley to find out from the AHS Key Club advisor a list of all members who volunteered at Woodbrook this year, so we can send over appreciation gifts (most likely gift certificates.)

Lisa thanked the PTO for their support of Woodbrook, and the PTO thanked Ellen and Kerri for their leadership this year.


Minutes submitted by Ellen Powell