May 2016 PTO Meeting Minutes

Woodbrook Elementary School

PTO meeting minutes-May

*Attendance: Heather Santiago, Stephanie Heath, Brian Heath, Elizabeth Killian, Jennifer Thompson, Kim McQuown, Zarina Burdge, Katie Hillis, Kate Scales, Lorrie Smith, Jennifer Smith, Sara Henry, Michael Henry, Josh Metz, Jim Tierney, Shelly Tierney, Leslie Wills, Amy Barbour, Maureen Boisvert, Allison O’Grady, Pam Atkinson, Jorie DeBoer, Stephanie Tharp.

*April minutes available for review though already approved via email voting, and posted to website.

*World Language Program/FLES (Foreign Language in Elementary School)

-Introduction of Full time FLES teacher for Woodbrook: Ms. Filadelfia Soto

-Ms. Soto comes from teaching at Monticello High School ESL program

-Fall 2016, FLES to start at Woodbrook for kindergarten and 1st grade

-plan to have 4-30 minute blocks weekly, and goal to move towards immersion in few years

-Immersion is considered 50% Spanish time

-proven higher self esteem , improved participation, and brings communities together

-Woodbrook parents took the opportunity to ask more questions, and greet new teacher

*Discussion of Proposed Woodbrook Addition/Modernization:

-Sara Henry passed out a hand out of detailed information that included background info, funding, timeline and answers to frequently asked questions! This has been posted to the Woodbrook PTO Facebook site. Copies are available.

-Jim Tierney was also available for questions. He sits on the Long Range Advisory and Planning Committee for the county, and he is a Woodbrook parent!

-A bond referendum of $35 million for Education and Modernization for schools in our entire county is being discussed by the School Board and Board of Supervisors. If this bond referendum is voted into reality (November elections), then Woodbrook addition and/or new elementary school could get funding this way.

-Two potential plans have already been drawn up, but they are not necessarily the only possible plan for the Woodbrook addition. Still to discuss 8or 16 classroom expansion, parking issues, etc.

-Please email or write letters and have your voice heard to any of the following:

-Woodbrook School Board representative: Pam Moynihan, [email protected]

-Entire school board, [email protected]

-Our Supervisor, Brad Sheffield, [email protected]

-All Board of Supervisors, [email protected]

*Sara Henry gave thanks to the current pto board for a wonderful year: Jasmine Johnson, Kate Scales, Lindsay Diamond, Heather Santiago, Sheryl Feggans, Nicole Salsgiver, and finally Pam Atkinson. Gifts were given to Pam as she has served as the Woodbrook PTO Treasurer for 3 consecutive years, and will no longer be a parent at our school!

*2016/2017 PTO board ballots distributed, roles discussed, and votes collected.

*Upcoming Events and Fundraisers:

-Field Day, May 27-PTO pays for bounce houses and runs the sno-cone station

-Multicultural Festival, June 3 5pm-8pm

-Outdoor picnic 5pm-6pm, bring outdoor chairs/blankets, will have 5-6 food trucks

-School will be ‘closed’ during this time, to allow for after school pick up, etc

-Part of the proceeds from food sales will go back to the PTO

-6pm-6:45, Performances in the gym (Kung Fu Dragons, K-2, 3-5 grade performance)

-6:45-7:30, Explore Multicultural booths, Chinese Brush Painting, African Drumming Class, Rain stick making in the Maker Lab

-7:30-8pm, Free Raffle ticket announcements, and free dance time

-Chick-fil-A fundraiser, June 7th (last day of school)—Grab it to go and meet on the play grounds back at Woodbrook to celebrate the last day of school!!

*Past Events/Fundraisers:

-Teacher Appreciation week went well! So many teachers left thank you cards for PTO to read!

-Fun Fair/Silent Auction was a HUGE success bringing in nearly $6,600!!

*Treasurer’s Report : (Pam Atkinson)

-Approx. $25,000 in PTO account after year end expenditures. Subtracting one year operating budget ($17,000-$20,000) left enough to be able to vote on longterm item requests. Vote taken, and the following items were approved: $1800 for 2 Mimeo boards, $750 Elmo, $450 mobile cabinet for Maker Room, $1000 Maker Room supplies, $200 Last Teacher Luncheon on June 8th, $150 flower pots, and $50 toward 5th grade graduation cake.

-Items were also voted and approved for next year to include: $1500 Assembly budget, $250 First Teacher Luncheon, and $200 for an Ice cream Social.

*It’s been a wonderful year Woodbrook! Thanks for reading my minutes!!

2016-2017 PTO Board

President – to be determined

Vice President of Ways and Means-Kate Scales

Vice President of Communications-Jen Smith

Treasurer-Maureen Chapman Boisvert

Secretary-Meghan Bradley

Members at Large-Sheryl Feggans and Kim McQuown