March 2018 PTO Meeting Minutes

PTO Meeting minutes March 13, 2018

Library @ Woodbrook Elem.

In attendance: Meg Holub, Jamee Dion, Kim McQuown, Jen Smith, Kate Scales, Elizabeth Killian, Mary McIntyre, Dana Griffin, Maureen Boisvert, Ellen Powell, Lisa Molinaro, Michael Thornton, Heather Santiago, Zarina Burge, Stephanie Heath, and Beth Daane.

· Treasurer’s Report- Maureen Boisvert

o Reviewed current balance from various fundraising events including: Sweetheart Dance, raffle, Feed the Bear, restaurant night at Brick Oven, and the Network for Good Donation- which was established by Beth Daane. Maureen also discussed payouts/withdrawals.

o We are currently at 58% of our goal for Feed the Bear- a detailed report of where the funds for Feed the Bear have been coming from was shared.

· Communications Report- Jen Smith

o April newsletter will come out after Spring Break

§ Will include a follow up to the parent panel, upcoming events, and possibly a plug for Fun Fair

§ Tours?

o Email blasts

§ Construction updates will be included (when administration receives a new update)

o WES is coordinating with Fishes and Loaves to provide 45 students at Woodbrook with a bag of food each weekend. We need 3 volunteers each Tuesday from 10-11am to help package the food and deliver it to Woodbrook. Volunteers can sign up at:

· Upcoming Events

o Bingo Night (3/16)

§ Sign Up Genius was sent out- still slots available for volunteers

§ If you want to donate prizes, they can be dropped off at the main office

§ Concessions- “no” to popcorn, can be a lot of work (after conversation, may possibly get large bags of pre-popped popcorn from Dollar Store, WES has popcorn bags.) Candy and additional edible items will be sold from a various price points

§ Give coupons for concessions to students from other schools?

· Currently students from other schools get in for free

· Canned food item (for the food drive) can also get you a pack of BINGO cards

§ In the gym

o Maker Night (4/19)- Jen Smith and Jamee Dion

§ Encouraging families from other schools to attend

§ May open the school for tours

o Fun Fair (5/12)- Jen Smith

§ Still looking for people to help (committees)

o Talent Show- Heather Santiago

§ Fliers are going out before Spring Break

§ Date for the K-2 auditions and 3-5 auditions will be announced at a later date

o Multicultural Night (5/24 from 5:00-7:00 pm)

§ Create passports for students

· Might take money out of the PTO supplies budget

§ Invite new families in and have a food table w/o having a booth

o Field Day (5/25)

· Welcome events/strategies for incoming families: Update and Discussion

o Bingo Night

o Family Maker Night

o Introduction letter will be sent out after Spring Break with a blurb from the PTO

o Fun Fair

o School Wide Morning Meeting (6/1)- trying to get all incoming Greer and Agnor Hurt students to attend

o WES shirts

· Principal/Assistant Principal’s report- Lisa Molinaro and Michael Thornton

o (3/15)- second parent panel- having the same parents back to talk through ideas that weren’t completed the first time. This panel is focused on race relations and how to build a partnership between school and community. Lars Holmstrom is the facilitator. Teachers will be listening, learning, and processing from the parents on the panel. The long range goal is that this process won’t necessarily be a panel, but will eventually be a calendar event in the community with an open dialogue.

o Clubs have started- they are going well. There are 229 children that stay after school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

o Faculty and staff now have a Welcoming Team to create ways to meet and greet incoming students/families.

§ Tours

§ Parent nights

§ Combine the Welcoming Team meeting with a PTO meeting

· Parent Council Report- Kim McQuown

o Woodbrook PTO is going to give $100 to the showing of Screenagers

o During the next meeting they are going to discuss snacks and guidelines

o Red Hill Elementary asked if any PTOs have linked their credit cards and round it up to the next dollar

o Fun Fair items- is there an interest in having a central location for all games from various elementary schools (list items that you are willing to share on the website with a sign up)

o Changes to accreditation were discussed

§ (Academic) growth scores will count

o Dr. Haus gave an overview of HS 2022

§ More centered on student interest

o Freshman seminar class

§ Student will have a direct connection with their seminar teacher for all 4 years

o Albemarle now receives less state funding

§ Budget is looking grim due to the state budget- if state budget doesn’t pass then the local budget won’t pass

· Nominating Committee Appointment- Ellen Powell

o If you are on the board, please write up what you do and what does it entail- provide this information to Ellen Powell

· Fundraising Report/Update- Beth Daane and Meg Holub

o Might be a restaurant night in April (Chik-Fil-A or Al Carbon)

o Another coin challenge? Huge hit in the lower grades

o The fundraising committee is exploring pairing up with Kirt’s Ice cream or Sweet Frog for a May fundraiser.

NEXT PTO MEETING: April 10 @ 6:30 pm in the Library