June 2018 PTO Meeting Minutes

PTO meeting
June 11, 2018
Dana Griffin’s Home

2017-18 Quick Thoughts:

  • What went well this year?
    • Holiday Penguin Shoppe
      • For next year more volunteers will be needed
      • Connect this initiative with the PTO
      • Became a good money maker- which was a pleasant surprise
    • Silent Auction Online
      • For next year plan ahead more
    • Host one community event per month
    • Weekly communications: blasts/newsletters, etc…
  • What needs improvement?
    • Move Fun Fair to another time during the school year
    • Get a larger variety of people involved in PTO
      • Check in to CAT transit schedule and host at the Northside library if transportation is an issue
        • Offer rides
        • Go to the bus stops to chat with parents
        • Take meetings to various community centers
      • Get a representative from each neighborhood
      • Diminish side conversations so that people feel more included
      • Host PTO events on Facebook Live

2018-19 PTO Event Calendar:

  • Proposed activity or timing changes
    • Fun Fair to October 20, 2018
      • Concessions via food truck (need to reserve this now)
        • Check with CATEC for their food truck availability
      • Change Teacher Appreciation Week due to SOL conflicts (other area schools have done this)
    • Activities to add (or delete)
      • Color run 5K (involve the PE department)
      • Catalog fundraisers
        • Woodbrook T-shirts, Cookie Dough, etc…
      • Dates to avoid
        • Entire month of May

2018-19 Fundraising Timeline:

  • Silent Auction
    • solely online (close online sales and distribution at a set event such as Holiday Bazaar)
  • Holiday Bazaar and Penguin Shoppe- possibly
  • Attractions book
    • order first and then sent out the book to the family
  • Bookfair
    • Move the beginning to March 1, 2019 (Family Dinner Night) and the ending to March 8, 2019 (Family Game Night)

Other Business:

  • Teachers are to be encouraged to sign up for school events to work
  • Virtual reality will no longer be piloted at WES
  • WES will have 15-18 new teachers next school year and 120 new students from Greer and 32 from Agnor-Hurt