January 2018 PTO Meeting Minutes

PTO Meeting minutes
January 16, 2018

Library @ Woodbrook Elem.


In attendance: Ellen Powell, Jamee Dion, Kim McQuown, Beth Daane, Mary McIntyre, Jen Smith, Heather Santiago, Lisa Molinaro, Meg Holub, Kate Scales, Dana Griffin, Stephanie Heath, Elizabeth Killian, Michael Thornton, Malva Mangam, Amy Barbour, Meghan Bradley, Maureen Boisvert, and Brandon Readus.


  • Treasurer’s Report from Maureen Boisvert
    • Reviewed poinsettia sales, Penguin Shoppe, and additional fundraisers as well as other incoming checks for the past two months. Approved purchase for aeroponic garden for Ms. Dickerson’s classroom. Checks out: teacher grant, small expenses for book fair, and Wild Rock field trip and other expenses. Treasurer report was approved.
  •  Fundraising Report/Update from Beth Daane and Meg Holub
      • Additional information regarding Fundraising can be found at the bottom of this document- Thanks Meg for this great information!!
    • Beth signed WES for the Penguin Shoppe for next year. WES can unenroll by the October deadline if the school decides to not continue doing this during the 2018-19 school year.
    • Chipotle Restaurant is tomorrow night (1/17).
    • Feed the Bear- an email is going to go out asking for donations through PayPal (lunch challenge). Week of 1/22.
    • Classroom coin challenge during the week of 2/18 through the 2/25.
    • In the Spring there will be another coin challenge.
    • 50/50 raffle during game night on 1/25.
    • ‘Artsonia’- in the Spring (kid’s art work gets turned into usable household items.) Good end of the year gifts.
    • Silent Auction- were talking about doing it at the Sweetheart dance, but may be moving it to the Fun Fair.
    • Next Box Tops deadline will be around 2/16.
    • Superior Martial Arts- $25 fee for the month of February and all of that money would come back to Woodbrook. Beth is going to find out more details.
  • Communications Report and Redistricting Update from Jen Smith
    • February newsletter- MLK walk, Chipotle Night and upcoming events including. the Sweetheart dance and any restaurant nights.
    • Website email blast- any springtime volunteer needs and any businesses we need to thank from the Fall.
    • Two weeks in February Jen will not be able to get out the information, Malva will take it over during that time.
    • Going to attempt to add business cards to the back page of the yearbook as a way of thanking local businesses for supporting WES.
    • School Board adopted the committee’s recommendation. We will be receiving 113 students from Greer and 72 students from Agnor Hurt.
      • Our free and reduced price lunch number will go from 55% up to 61%.
      • Our ELL will go from 19% up to 24% at this time.
      • The School Board agreed to grandfather 5th graders to stay at their previous schools. This means that 39 fifth graders and their 31 siblings could stay at their previous schools.
      • WES is projected to be at 91% capacity in 5 years.
  • Immediate Upcoming Events from Ellen Powell
    • Chipotle Restaurant Night- 1/17
    • Teacher Luncheon- Chili/Soups- 1/22
    • Game Night- 1/25 (6:00-7:30 pm)- this is a (time) change!
    • Sweetheart Dance- 2/16
      • Sign Up Genius for the Sweetheart Dance will go out after 1/22
      • Dance flier will be done by Kate Evans and will go out around 1/30
      • Dance will be from 6:00-8:00 pm
      • Chance Dickerson and his students from AHS will be the DJs
        • ($200 to the class plus a gift card to each of the students that help)
      • Pizza will be at the Sweetheart Dance for $__ a slice
        • Will need 2 cash boxes (1 for the entrance for purchasing tickets and 1 at the pizza table)
      • 50/50 raffle table
  • Fun Fair Discussion from Jen Smith
    • May 5- Fun Fair and Chance to Dance are the same day
    • May 12 (only conflict is SOL testing will be going on around that date) will be the new date.
    • 4:00-7:00 pm
  • Parent Council Report from Kim McQuown
    • Parent Council meets tomorrow.
    • Screenagers (movie/documentary) possibly happening within Albemarle County. Parent Council is looking into interest and who would pay for it.
  • Principal/Assistant Principal Report from Lisa Molinaro
    • MLK walk clocked 401 miles this year (for all of the schools.) Woodbrook clocked 289 of these miles, which is down from last year due to not having a track and the cold weather. However, many more community members participated this year.
    • Midyear assessments are currently going on.
    • WES is likely going to be able to take over the back building space as early as the first week of March. Teachers are beginning to talk about going out and co-teaching with someone in that space.
    • Will move into the new gym as soon as students return from Spring Break. At this time the old gym and music room will be closed down for reconstruction.
    • May need assistance moving some equipment and PTO items from the gym.
    • Fitness equipment will arrive next school year.
    • Front side of the building is making incredible progress.


Additional Fundraising Details


  1. Chipotle restaurant night 1/17/18 – 4pm – 8pm Barracks

–Flyers should be in Tuesday folders (today) — but flyers are NOT needed at restaurant–just mention to cashier

–Can Jen send out an email blast to the Community?

–There will likely be NO SCHOOL, so we can skip stickers

  1. Restaurant Night for February – 

We are looking at Brick Oven for WEDNESDAY Feb 7 or FEB 21



— “Lunch Loot” email challenge TO PARENTS should go out the week of Jan 22 — asking people to donate what they would have spent on lunch to FTB.  Should also be mentioned in PTO WIR on Sunday.  (both are Jen)

note:  we did this as a “Latte Challenge” — and it didn’t really work, but we can try again….

Classroom coin challenge 

This is scheduled to run in February.  We could do it the week of Feb 18.  Will need gameplan and a couple volunteers.  It’s the kids raising $.

50/50 Raffle

We’d like to have one during GAME NIGHT on 1/25/18, Thursday.  AT a table at entrance, not people walking around soliciting.  However, some children in bee costumes, and for that matter Woody, could be fun, especially if NEW FAMILIES are invited.


AND at


Sweetheart Dance – Friday Feb. 16 – again, at a table, if nobody objects.





This will be a fundraiser that we can announce March 2018.  Artsonia is a website where you can buy keepsakes of your children’s art. Not only will it raise funds, but it will also encourage creativity.  We want to gear it toward parents and other purchasers to buy things to give as end of year presents, and Mother’s and Father’s day presents.

Mr Reinhard has generously agreed to participate.  And we have one parent who has committed….Dana Griffin.  Need several more to take photos of the artwork….via a phone app.




We’d like to have this at the FUN FAIR.  

We want a large, well organized, multi-layered silent auction, and more time is needed to accomplish this.  



NEXT PTO MEETING: February 13 @ 6:30 pm in the Library