January 2016 PTO Meeting Minutes

PTO Meeting January 12, 2016

In attendance:  Kate Scales, Ellen Powell, Kim McQuown, Elizabeth Killian, Leslie Wills, Sara Henry, Lisa Molinaro, Lindsay Diamond

Bingo Night

  • We have concessions

  • Need to find staff callers (Leslie?)

  • Will use flier from last year and needs to go out this week THURSDAY (Sara)

  • Possible to do raffle tickets? With a raffle prize. Not sure where this was left but the idea was mentioned.

  • Put onto PTO site (Lindsay)

  • And put onto FB site (Sara)

  • Lisa will make Robocall on the 21st. (Lisa)

Sweetheart Dance

  • It is coming along!

  • Discussion about a PTO article about making sure PTO events are kept fun and alive, watching where we are skimping. (Sara has this article). This led to talking about a DJ. The DJ would need not only good music but ALSO an ability to lead the kids in organized dances/dance moves.

  • The Jouett/AHS DJ used info has been given to Heather S. and Heather D.

  • Lisa suggested there might be AHS students who might be interested and she was going to contact Lorenzo. (Lisa)

  • Maybe someone could ask Byron from ACAC? Sara was going to send his info to the Heathers. (Sara and Heather S./ Heather D.)

  • Agreed that this year the dance has to be different. NO MORE kids running everywhere and the thinking is that a DJ with moves will help.

Teacher Luncheon

  • This is coming up on Feb. 15th. but remember that it is also the first snow make up day!

  • Jorie will put out a SignUp Genius.


  • If you use the Chrome browser, there is a link to SMILE ALWAYS, which makes it so every time you open Amazon, you go right to your WB linked account page. Lindsay will add this info to the PTO site. (Lindsay)

  • For Grocery cards, Lindsay will add to the site that EVERY YEAR individuals need to relink their cards. (Lindsay)

  • Leslie will put the Kroger and Amazon info out to the teachers, in hopes they can put it onto their newsletters. (Leslie)

  • We talked about school wide incentives to get people to register. We talked about offering a “prize” if we got to 100 families. We have 240 families and are at 25 registered families now. We can do better!!!

  • Next year, we can have a computer at Back To School Night, to register people.

  • This year, we will have a computer at the Sweetheart Dance and offer a raffle of a gift card, if you register there, at the dance. Lindsay will bring her computer and figure it out. Leslie will get a gift card for Kroger. (Lindsay and Leslie)

MLK Events

  • Still needing adults to help with the mileage counts for different schools. We will have 26 different schools, so needing adults to take on around 5 schools each.

  • Donations are looking good for walk day but always more hot chocolate, nutri-grain bars and bananas are welcome.

  • Donations for breakfast on Friday should be there by 7:40. Still needing a few more items for this event.

  • Maybe have girl scouts to walk for a common cause with a sign? Leslie contacted Lily’s mom to see if that might work. (Have you talked to Hannah Barnaby or Beth Daane, Leslie? They are the leaders of Lili’s pack)

  • There might be vendors outside, such as Julia Green’s son.

Spirit Night – Al Carbon

  • January 26th.

  • Stickers have been made and will be cut up/delivered to teachers on day of, to be distributed at end of school day. If Leslie/Lisa could give them a heads up, that would be great. Lindsay will be handing out the stickers, room to room. (Lindsay)

  • Maybe Chick FilA is our Feb spirit night? Beth?

Box Tops

  • Sara sent an email to Rachel and is waiting to hear info about the upcoming contest.

Silent Auction

  • Kate Scales has offered to be coordinator and start of getting what needs to be done, done. Yay Kate!

  • Sara will send her a list of volunteers (Sara).

  • Still need overarching Fun Fair coordinator!!! That person is responsible for overseeing it, helping with ticket sales, fliers, and hopefully prizes for the games. Sara knows how to do this role, and could teach you easily. : )

  • Lisa, Ellen, Kim and maybe Jen Smith have offered to help.

  • Sara to send Kate all info about the job, files, Google Docs. (Sara)

Principal’s Report

  • Lisa talked about a project that AHS MESA is interested in doing with our Makers.

  • Building out large musical playground instruments. Brand new these cost around $15,000.

  • MESA students would design and Makers would help put them together.

  • Possible location on the back playground, due to potential upcoming remodel of school.

  • Lisa will send us an email link of what the equipment looks like. (Lisa)

  • Not sure of what it would cost but the hope is that the PTO can assist.

  • The fear is that we pay for this and then are unable to support field trips, which is more of a priority to some.

  • MESA kids to possibly come into the Feb PTO meeting and present their idea.

  • At some point, we might want to brainstorm how else to raise funds for this…

  • (and aside) PTO Maker Room: Lindsay will write to Jaimee Frietag and ask what is the ongoing list of collectibles for this room and then post on the PTO site.

  • Upcoming staff allotment meeting coming up and Lisa does not expect a big change, making getting one new staff member for next year. Almost all classes are up to 19-20 per class.

  • Tutoring starts on January 26th.

  • Clubs will start end of Feb and run through March and April.

  • We are looking for club volunteers! Robotics! Art! Knitting! Legos! Anyone?