February 2017 PTO Meeting Minutes

Woodbrook PTO
February 21, 2017

In Attendance: Jen Smith, Mary McIntyre, Maureen Boisvert, Kerri Kirkeie, Kim McQuown, Amy Barbour, Lorrie Smith, Beth Daane, Heather Santiago, Lisa Molinaro, Ellen Powell, Kate Scales, Meg Holub, Meghan Bradley


January Minutes: Review and Approval- Kerri Kirkeide
Minutes approved

Treasurer’s Report- Maureen Boisvert
Trending ahead due to a number of successes including the bake sale and Kroger cards. Maureen will confirm the number of families with Kroger cards benefitting Woordbrook.  Please check to ensure that you are signed up as you have to renew each year.

Yearbook bill will be processed. Kerri to send to Maureen.

Maureen to check with Jamie on projected maker night expenses. No receipts submitted to date.

Group has interest in comparing family participation in Feed the Bear (23 donations) vs. traditional/ direct fundraising efforts.  Ellen will explore.

Treasurer’s Report approved

Communications Report – Jen Smith
PTO email blasts have been going out consistently on Sundays.  If you haven’t received it, check junk mail.  Staff not receiving it so Jen will check the addresses and work with the front office to add new families and remove those that have moved.  Email Jen at woodybear[email protected].

March newsletter will include event dates, fun fair raffle request, special thank you messages for sweetheart dance contributors and Lularoe.

Discussion on Feed the Bear timing. Preference to get the Attraction Books and campaign kicked off very early in the school year.

Google Drive allows Jen to send email blasts as needed.  Storing historical / reference event documents as well.

Parent Council Report – Lorrie Smith
Last meeting on recycling and composting at schools.  Discussion on food waste.  Food cannot be returned (even unopened) once children take the food out of the kitchen area.


Guest speaker on UVA engineering nano days. Lorrie will circulate minutes.  Will need Woodbrook representation next year.

Events Since Last Meeting:

Sweetheart Dance – Heather Santiago
Great success, lots of volunteers. 127 families. Lighting was perfect.  Kids enjoyed the video camera.  Albemarle High School teacher / DJ interested in additional WES programming.

Tattoo station popular but spritz bottles recommended next year.  Photo prop may need a refresh next year along with more fruit/snacks.

Photos were printed and are in the office. Heather to ask Lindsay to provide files on a thumb drive for yearbook.

Upcoming Events:
– Box Tops- Due February 24 – Mary McIntyre
Needs volunteers for counting and sorting on Monday, February 28 after school.

– Movie Night – March 10 – Ellen Powell
Can stream from a personal laptop, not ACPS computer. Jen to bring Trolls DVD. Susan and Piper will pull out the equipment (PA, computer, projector, popcorn popper, cord)

– Maker Night – March 24 – Ellen Powell
Same format as before

– Fun Fair and Silent Auction – April 29- Malva Mangan, Kerri Kirkeide, Kate Scales, Kim McQuown
Raffle baskets and teacher raffle due on March 31.  Money and items accepted. Handout will go out soon. Will find new raffle form to eliminate confusion with game tickets.

Lorrie will print 200 copies of the silent auction letter. Kate will share the Google Doc to provide updates and suggest new companies. Kerri to explore American Girl doll donation.

Chairmanship needed for volunteer coordinator and ticket sales. Roles posted on the website. Current WES volunteers a starting point; key club, UVA sororities, etc.

Discussion Item / Committee Needed – Policy on Vendor Fundraising at PTO Events – Ellen Powell
Would like to establish a subcommittee to determine a policy. Lorrie will check with parent council.  Beth, Maureen and Meghan to research before next meeting.

Club Funding Request – Lisa Molinaro
WES has funded clubs so no charge to families. Needs $3,500 to pay teachers for lego, art, craft, knitting club. PTO funding approved.

Beth and Kerrie to explore Al Carbon and WichWich restaurant nights

Principal’s Report – Lisa Molinaro
No tutoring or clubs first week of March.

Seed project in Pam Moran’s budget to explore support needed for urban ring schools. There is less money. Multi-age model will help with staffing constraints.

Parent night to learn more about multi-age model coming.


Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 14, 6:30pm, Library