December 2015 PTO Meeting Minutes

Woodbrook Elementary School

PTO Meeting Minutes-December 2015

*In attendance: Lindsay Diamond, Heather Santiago, Ellen Powell, Jasmine Johnson, Jennifer Smith, Kate Scales, Lisa Molinaro, Kim McQuown, Pam Atkinson.

*Welcome and introductions done by V.P. Lindsay Diamond, stepping in for Pres. Sara Henry.

*November meeting minutes approved.

* Heather Santiago (PTO Secretary) asked for input on writing minutes within one week of meetings, emailing minutes to all in attendance of written meeting to review, email vote for approval, and have minutes posted to PTO website. Advantages of this would include earlier review of minutes, earlier ability to post PTO information so info stays current, and saving paper. A few paper copies would still be available at next PTO meeting for anyone unable to access PTO website. This could potentially be an advantage when searching for volunteers for upcoming events! Idea was welcomed, but will review at next PTO meeting when PTO president Sara Henry can comment.

*Lisa Molinaro spoke briefly about Language program. Language vote will likely be in January 2016, and would be ideal if >%60 of Woodbrook families participated in this vote. ACPS budget would still need to be approved, and FLES teacher would be hired in May.

*Current/Upcoming Events

*Teacher Giving Tree-Jacki Harris not in attendance. Deadline was December 14, but gifts are still coming in! Difficult to assess success right now. Wish lists will stay in office and be available to view on the PTO website for anyone that wants to donate in January.

*Bingo Night: Friday January 22. Many parents have already volunteered for this event (Sara H. to contact them), and there are plenty of left over concessions from the last movie night.

*Sweetheart Dance: Friday February 12. Heather Dorsey to Lead with list of volunteers (Heather Santiago to follow up on this). This needs to be organized asap, since next PTO meeting isn’t until mid January! Can divide duties up into groups such as: pre dance team (design take home advertisement, email teachers to have students make hearts and artwork ahead of dance, presale tix, distribute tix), Day of dance team (decorate gym for dance, set up picture “booth”, organize food tables), During Dance team (sell tickets at front doors, photographer, station the food tables), and lastly Clean Up Team!

*Fundraising Outlook

*Innisbrook (Kate Scales): About 30 Woodbrook families participated, reminded that Innisbrook is open year round for purchases that could benefit our school.

*Amazon Smile is set up (and fixed!) We have been receiving donations, just had not been set up to our bank account yet.

*Dinner Nights: Beth Daane not in attendance. Hopeful for Firehouse Subs to be our January location, and February to be Chick-fil-A. Dates TBA.

*Box top contest starting in January or February!

*Fun Fair/Silent Auction, March 26

*Silent Auction: Need a volunteer to Lead/organize this event. It has been a huge money maker for our school in years past, and we already have a database of business names from previous years! Best to contact these businesses in January due to businesses having write offs with the end of the fiscal year! If we are to hold a Silent Auction this year, the Lead volunteer will need to get letters out soon. Any volunteers?

*Fun Fair Games: Lindsay Diamond and Christine Giesecke plan to run/organize the games. Will need lots of help with running the games and selling concessions! AHS Leadership group helped out a lot last year, and various parent/sibling volunteers.

*Treasurers Report: Balance per ledger December 15, 2015 is $21,877.29. Innisbrook still needs to be paid up, and PTO requested items are still not funded.

*Principals Report: Lisa Molinaro accounced a new hire to serve as a third 4th grade teacher! Instead of pulling kids out of the existing classes, they will have Ms. Gilliam teach Math & Science to groups of students. She already knows Woodbrook as she has been a second grade student teacher at our school, and just graduated with her degree in December 2015! Unanimous vote from PTO to gift new teacher with $100 to start her classroom set up. She will share some space with Ms Foster.

Edutopia video clip on Flexible Classrooms in ACPS (our school!) was the #1 hit out of 10 most popular videos of 2015 posted on

Dr Pam Moran (already named Virginia Superintendent of the Year last May) was selected by the American Association of School Administrators as a finalist for the 2016 National Superintendent of the Year! A winner will be announced in February.

Money from the mandatory %10 “holdback” of the budget was returned early to schools this year! A portion of the holdback monies released to schools will be used to purchase additional materials for the Maker room!!

*Next PTO Meeting January 12 from 6:30-8:00,in the library!