August 2016 PTO Meeting Minutes

Woodbrook PTO
Meeting Minutes
August 7, 2016

In Attendance:
Meghan Bradley, Sheryl Feggans, Kerri Kerkeide, Kim McQuown, Lisa Molinaro, Ellen Powell, Jen Smith

PTO Coordinators/ Tasks List
Draft PTO Calendar
Fall Fundraising
Volunteer Recruiting Discussion
Reports from officers if needed
Other Business

**First PTO Meeting:  September 13, 6:45pm in library following 6pm volunteer orientation


Student Directory
The easiest way to  complete the directory is to add and delete students from last year’s file.  Next Steps:  Ellen has a volunteer in mind that may be willing to take this on.

Woodbrook PTO Board and Chairs
Job descriptions and time commitment would be useful for volunteer recruitment.
Next Steps:  Kerri to ask Tracy Higginbothom if descriptions are archived.

Restaurant Nights
Interest in scaling back the number of restaurant nights to approximately 5, with an emphasis on Chick Fil A.  Baja Bean a good community partner and Zoe’s Kitchen with the sale of student artwork a strong potential.  Next Steps: Kerri to reach out to Chick Fil A to secure dates, then a volunteer needed to coordinate the remaining 3.

ACAC Family Night
Kerri has a contact at ACAC who expressed interest in partnering with Woodbrook again.  Next Steps: Kerri to reach out to ACAC to secure a date.  Bounce and Create another possibility to explore.

Staff Favorites
Lisa can take the lead on collecting this information from staff.  She has last year’s list but it may be a hard copy.  Next Steps:  Lisa to send Kim the printed copy and Kim will recreate the file in Word or Excel.

Teacher Luncheon Coordinator
Voted on reformatting the teacher luncheons whereby the PTO pays for two catered lunches at $800 each throughout the year (totaling $1600).   Motion carried.  Next Steps:  Ellen to see if Laura Duke willing/able to coordinate

Woodbrook Open House
August 18
PTO table by the ice cream station to share information and recruit volunteers. Will need a computer to encourage people to link their Harris Teeter and Kroger cards to Woodbrook fundraising.
Next Steps: Kerri to ask Lindsay if she would be willing to produce graphics for the booth.

Woodbrook Back to School Night
September 22
PTO table to share information and recruit volunteers. Will need a computer to encourage people to link their Harris Teeter and Kroger cards to Woodbrook fundraising.

Attraction Books:  To be distributed in September. Jen will take the lead on distribution and collection of funds.

Catalogues/ Letter: Discussion on whether or not to continue. This year, instead of catalogues, PTO will send out a letter in October asking each family to contribute $25 (or more if the family chooses) to offset the cost of field trips.  The message would be that we understand that many families do not have the time to actively fundraise, but their support is important.  ESL teacher to translate.   Goal is to raise $7,000 with this effort.

Movie/Bingo Night
Four currently scheduled.  January date will be reserved for Bingo. Discussion of having each night sponsored by a grade and recruiting parents from host grade to volunteer

Maker Night
New family event. Minimal costs for supplies and a few family volunteers will be needed.

Volunteer Sign up Process
Traditionally, volunteer sign up form sent home at the beginning of the school year. Discussion on improving this process with quarterly communication containing volunteer needs and reminders of linking Kroger card to Woodbrook and other easy ways to offer support.

Teacher Grants
Voted on providing teacher grants totaling $200 each for supplies. Motion carried.

For Further Future Discussion
Will need to discuss 5th grade charter bus and Triple C camp line items in PTO budget.   May need additional field trip support for 2nd grade as new integrated curriculum model requires experience in the field.