April 2016 PTO Meeting Minutes

Woodbrook Elementary School

PTO Meeting Minutes-April 2016

*In attendance: Heather Santiago, Sheryl Feggans, Ellen Powell, Kim McQuown, Meghan Bradley, Elizabeth Killian, Lorrie Smith, Kate Scales, Tracy Metz, Amy Barbour, Jennifer Thompson, Elee Rasmussen, Kerri Kirkeide, Lindsay Diamond, Sara Henry, Jen Smith, Leslie Wills-Taylor, Heidi Figler.

*March minutes reviewed; previously approved via email.

*Heidi Figler, president of Jack Jouett Middle School PTO, presented information about her group. There are 8 board members. Meetings are on Tuesday afternoons at 1:00, monthly, and are open to all parents, faculty and staff. Heidi said these meetings are casual and low-key. The PTO supports the school and staff much the same way as Woodbrook does (ice cream social, field day, 8th grade dance, assemblies, staff equipment, monthly breakfasts for teachers/staff, and teacher appreciation week)! This year, they also supported the school community with an outreach project called Backpack Nutrition Program that provides food on the weekends to 26 Jouett families! There is one main fundraiser (magazine sales) that raises the bulk of the budget, and this occurs early in the Fall. They also collect Boxtops, Coke rewards and Campbell’s soup labels. Please email Heidi if you have questions about Jouett PTO at [email protected]. You may also subscribe to the online newsletter at http://eepurl.com/COtOv.

*World Language Program budget was approved! Will start Fall of 2016 for K, 1st, and 2nd graders! Sara Henry to ask for representatives to be at our May PTO meeting (?maybe early at 6pm) to answer more parent questions about the program. Our meeting attendees brainstormed and came up with multiple questions to address at this next meeting. If you have a question about the program, please email Sara Henry and she can forward to the WLP representatives.

*Current/upcoming events:

Fun Fair: This Saturday, 4-6:30

-In need of more game volunteers

-A number of pre-order tickets being sold, teachers to sell tickets at door, food vouchers for volunteers to include a hot dog, cookie and drink

-Depends how much we get set up on Friday afternoon/evening as to when we will meet on Saturday for set up (11 or 12:00)

Concessions: looks great! Have a variety of food from Cane’s chicken, Baja Bean, Chik filet, and hot dogs prepped here at Woodbrook! Email Hannah Barnaby (or Pam Atkinson) if you are able to help pick up food.

Raffles: looks great! 42 teacher raffles! 7 raffle baskets! Email Kim McQwown for questions.

Silent Auction: looks great! Thanks to Laura Duke, Amy Barbour, Sara Henry, Helen Dempsey-Henofer, Kate Scales, and Lindsay Diamond!

Dessert Walk: Hard to predict how much we will need, some desserts to cupcake walk and others to concessions for sale. Have asked for 35 sets of 12 cupcakes or packs of cookies, and have 32 signed up already! Will need paper bowls or something to give out so kids can carry the cupcakes.

Teacher Appreciation Week: May 2-6

-Majority of teachers voted for lunch out at Rhetts.

-Discussed ways to be “family friendly” and still have families find time to provide special things for our teachers/staff (? Baked good day, note day, gift card raffle). Look for a flyer next week!

Multicultural Festival: Friday June 3

-Time will need to be after kids have been picked up from after-school programs (?6-8)

-Leslie Wills-Taylor said there is always such great enthusiasm and participation for this event!

-Asking for volunteer help to take down tables at end of event (lots and lots of tables). Please email 4th grade teacher Leslie Wills-Taylor if you can help.

-Discussed potential Cook book from multicultural fair (this year possible paper stapled copies, and next year pay for 1 bound copy to keep in Woodbrook library?)

Voted (and approved!) $550 donation from PTO to help offset cost of MC fair. This will include paying for Chinese Painting, Drummer in music room, and Laughing Dragon Kung Fu presentation!

-If you are interested in having a table set up (representing where you are from, OR some place you love to visit!), then please reach out to Leslie Wills-Taylor!

*Fundraising Outlook:

-Which Wich Restaurant fundraiser-made $199!

-second quarter Kroger check- almost $600!

*Parent Council: Technology representative presented information of how to make sure kids would understand technology (and their parents!). Discussed ways to educate students and parents in ACPS, to include a series called DART.

Next PTO meeting is Tuesday May 17 at 6:30 in the library. *We will vote on outstanding funding requests which include : $750 for Ziggy’s, $1000 for Maker Room supplies, $1800 for Mimeo boards, approx. ?. $1500-$2000 for MESA playground equipment project.