Kroger Community Rewards Program

Have you registered for Kroger Community Rewards linked to Woodbrook?

Have you invited your family and friends to do the same?
Anyone can and it is a great way to bring in donations to the school. During the first semester, the 32 participating households who have registered, brought in almost $700.

You can copy/paste the info below for family/friends or follow the directions to do it yourself:

1. Grab your Kroger Plus Card off your key chain or from your wallet, go to, and either CREATE AN ACCOUNT or SIGN INTO your account, in order to link with Woodbrook. It will only take a moment to do.

2. After you register and sign in, click on VIEW YOUR REWARDS DETAILS and scroll down the page to the Community Rewards section. Click on ENROLL. Type in Woodbrook and click on SEARCH. Select Woodbrook and click ENROLL*.

If you would prefer screen shots of the process, click the appropriate link below:

Link my existing Kroger card to Woodbrook PTO

Sign up for a digital Kroger card and link it to the Woodbrook PTO

Renew/re-enroll in Kroger community rewards program

That is it! Super easy and you are earning money for Woodbrook with every purchase. Maximum of $300 per family are awarded back to Woodbrook!
OR link your Kroger Plus card at Customer Service in the store.

Our community rewards ID is : 92576, or ask the clerk to search for “Woodbrook Elementary PTO”.

(*all participating families in the Kroger Community Rewards program must re-enroll every new school year)