Car Riders: Drop-Off & Pick-Up

Car Drop-Off and Pick-Up procedures for all car riders.

Morning Car Drop-Off
1. Have the student get out on the passenger side.
2. Stay in your car.
3. Do not leave car unattended (Park in lot if you need to come in).

Afternoon Car Pick-Up
1. Have the blue card on the dashboard for staff to see easily.
2. Pull up as far as possible in the “Drop Off Zone” and wait at the cones.
3. Stay in your car.

⭐️Do not leave your car unattended.
⭐️Leave handicapped spots available for those with special needs.
⭐️Do not pass other cars in the loop unless directed by staff.

If there is a change in your child’s regular dismissal plan, the office needs a written note or phone call from home no later than 1:30pm. Except in emergencies, they are unable to dismiss students early after 1:45. If you need to pick up your students after 1:45, you will need to wait in the regular car loop line.
Blue name cards will be distributed to students by staff.

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