September 2017 PTO Meeting Minutes

PTO Meeting Minutes
September 12, 2017
Maker Room @ Woodbrook Elem.

In attendance:

Mary McIntyre, Heather Santiago, Dana Griffin, Jacki Harris, Kim McQuown, Jessica Bossler, Beth Daane, Kate Scales, Maureen Boisvert, Jen Smith, Meg Holub, Lucas White, Tasha White, Elizabeth Killian, Amy Barbour, Allison Pfister, Zarina Burdge, Ellen Powell, Lisa Molinaro, Brandon Readus, Michael Thornton, and Stephanie Heath


  • Volunteer orientation/meeting (6-6:45)
  • Introductions/Welcome
    • Agenda and calendar of events were passed out
  • Ellen Powell provided an overview of the purpose of PTO
  • Communications Report from Jen Smith
    • Website updates
    • Review of what will be in September/October newsletter
    • What members would like to be placed into the newsletter
      • Bookfair, Teacher Luncheon, Collecting volunteer hours, Shoparoo
    • Email blasts- update information/let Jen know if you aren’t getting them
    • Google drive- staff has been updated, need information for new families
    • Challenge for everyone at this meeting to contact one person who isn’t here and have them attend the next PTO meeting
    • Outreach for families who have lost a family member
      • Signed a sympathy card for recent loss of a first grader’s father
    • Flier for PTO was created by Malva Mangan for new families. It will be kept in the main office for when new students register.
  • Treasurer’s Report from Maureen Boisvert
    • Report and Budget were passed out
    • Kroger initiatives are working, no need to sign up every year, membership rolls over
    • Shoparoo was discussed- how to encourage users
      • Woodbrook does have an account
    • T-shirt sales are going well, shirts came in and are being sorted
    • Reviewed outgoing checks
    • Treasurer’s report was approved
  • Budget Review from Maureen Boisvert
    • Reviewed income, expenses, enrichment, and PTO operations
    • Discussion of potential club expenses ensued
      • Money would be shifted from assemblies to clubs, if needed
      • Additional fundraisers might be held to fund clubs
    • Budget was approved
  • Review of Proposed PTO calendar from Ellen Powell
    • Possibly have some Thursday night events so teachers may be able to attend
    • At this time the PTO calendar does not include any restaurant nights
    • Process was discussed regarding how to add an event to the PTO calendar
  • PTO Activity Chair Needs from Ellen Powell
    • Ellen reviewed which activities need a chairperson and briefly explained what each activity entails
  • Principal’s Report from Lisa Molinaro
    • Construction has been an authentic form of learning for WES students
    • Friday is International Dot Day- every child is going to make a dot to represent each student. Woodbrook is going to Skype with a person from a different country and see how they are celebrating International Dot Day there.
    • October 24th- International Maker Day. WES students will be doing various projects at Woodbrook all day long. Similar to International Play Day.
    • Multi-age has been a learning curve.
      • 1-2 class has really integrated and it’s difficult to figure out which is a first grader, and which is a second grader.
      • 4-5 has been taking a little longer because they aren’t used to this type of learning, but they are coming along as a classroom.
    • Team of 7 teachers (some new teachers to multi-age and some teachers who are familiar with it) will be traveling down to Richmond to the Sabot Institute @ Stoney Point. They will participate in the Open Door Institute- full day of Professional Development for these teachers. Dr. Moran and Lisa chose this team. (Woodbrook only)
    • In October, Albemarle County teachers will travel to CT, NH, and NY and visit 6 public schools that are multi-age.
    • Woodbrook is already having visitors from other schools to observe our multi-age classrooms.
    • Woodbrook will more than likely move to an all multi-age school, but are possibly going to explore continuing to have singular classrooms next year.
  • Fundraising Overview from Beth Daane and Meg Holub
    • Attraction books- fundraiser extended, still waiting for many books to be returned
    • Help is needed with the fundraising committee
    • Move the fundraiser overview to the beginning of PTO meetings
    • Keeping Sweet Frog restaurant night for September 21st
    • Texas Roadhouse restaurant night will possibly be moved to October
    • PTO will mention ‘feed the bear’ at Back to School night on the 19th
      • Ellen or Kerri will present this fundraiser to the parents
      • Kick off for feed the bear will begin that night


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