November 2017 PTO Meeting Minutes

PTO Meeting minutes
November 14, 2017

Library @ Woodbrook Elem.


In attendance: Ellen Powell, Maureen Boisvert, Kate Scales, Jackie Harris, Meghan Bradley, Kerri Kirkeidi, Elizabeth Killian, Dana Griffin, Mary McIntyre, Kim McQuown, Jen Smith, Ruth Fogelgren, Meg Holub, Stephanie Heath, Beth Daane, and Michael Thornton.


  • Treasurer’s Report from Maureen Boisvert
    • Reviewed items deposited this month: (Sweet Frog, Texas Roadhouse, Feed the Bear items (donation jar, checks, PayPal), raffle, bake sale, T-shirt sales, concessions from movie night, Harris Teeter, Book Fair, and Attraction Book)
  • Fundraising Report/Update from Beth Daane and Meg Holub
    • Cancelled penny challenge and replaced it with a poster challenge with Mr. Reinhart. Winners will be announced at the December all school Morning Meeting and will receive a certificate
    • Email blast to contribute for Feed the Bear from tomorrow through next Wednesday
    • Meg requested a Chipotle night for January 17, this has yet to be approved
    • In December possibly try to get Kilwins on the Downtown Mall to have a Woodbrook day
    • Requested a 5% day from Whole Foods
    • Team to start doing fundraising for the Sweetheart Dance/Silent Auction, sign up was sent around
  • Parent Council and School Visit Reports from Kim McQuown
    • A representative was at their most recent meeting from HR and from the County
    • Tim Shay is the school division lobbyist who spends time in Richmond with law-makers, was also at the meeting
    • Sabot Institute visit (October 18th): private school in Richmond that started in the 1970’s. Follows a student directed/self-motivated focus.
      • Per Mr. Thornton, this trip was encouraged by Central Office for Woodbrook to attend the visitation at this school
      • Two days out of the year the Sabot Institute invites educators to come and see how education is performed there.
      • The idea was to learn how they carry-out projects and incorporate their type of teaching in the classroom.
      • Had studio space that highlighted students’ interests
      • Many of the classrooms had a lot of Maker Space materials already in the room
      • There was a great deal of resources at the student’s fingertips
      • Documentation of their students work was emphasized, they would audio record their conversations with students for reflection later
      • The Sabot Institute uses natural materials in conjunction with technology
      • Very organic, hands-on learning
  • Communications Report from Jen Smith
    • December/January newsletter will be combined
    • Website – going to start a resource section
      • CARES traits, Redistricting, Multi-Age, Sp. Ed. resources, etc.
    • Parent Panel on 11/20- someone from every neighborhood will be chosen
      • Calls will go out either Wed., Thurs., or Fri. if you are chosen for the panel
  • Redistricting Update from Jen Smith
    • Public meeting on 11/8- it was good that there were representatives from different schools.
    • Agnor-Hurt does not want to see anything change for their students.
    • The committee is not persuaded by any specific group of parents
    • Now is the time to advocate for what is best for your child and Woodbrook- fill out the survey
      • “A” is the best option for Woodbrook, but will not happen and was eliminated last night
      • “B” is going to get a lot of votes from Agnor Hurt requesting no change to their school
        • “B2” is still possibly on the table, gives the most relief to Greer, it affects the fewest number of students total. No school then would be above 96% of capacity. This would bring under 200 additional students to WES. Bumps us up to 66% free and reduced lunch.
      • The original “C” option with a slight tweak is the compromise solution.  It will move some students from Greer to Agnor Hurt and some students from Greer to Woodbrook and some students from Agnor-Hurt to Woodbrook.  It provides sufficient relief to Greer and balances better economically disadvantaged students between Agnor Hurt (who will be at 58% free and reduced price lunch) and Woodbrook (who will be at 60% free and reduced price lunch).
      • Woodbrook’s new capacity will be 625 though it would not be wise to fill Woodbrook to capacity right away.
      • Just because the committee makes a specific recommendation does not mean that Dr. Moran and the School Board will approve it
        • Stay involved until the end so that Woodbrook has a voice
      • Last committee meeting where recommendations to the Superintendent will be made occurs on 11/27.  Dr. Moran will then make recommendations to the School Board who will have a public meeting sometime in January and then make a final determination.
  • Upcoming events
    • Feed the Bear Poster Contest- ongoing through 12/8
      • Mr. Thornton will put some poster board in the main office for parents to grab
    • Email blast for latte fundraiser will run from 11/15 through 11/22
    • Jason’s Deli Restaurant Night- 11/16
      • You have to mention that you’re from Woodbrook
    • Poinsettia Distribution- Sale through 11/15; will arrival late Nov.
      • The day of delivery the poinsettias will be placed on the stage and those who purchased them will come to the school and pick them up
    • Teacher Giving Tree- Set up 11/17; @ 4:00 pm distribute to teachers on 12/18
      • Where could the tree go since the lobby/foyer is full
      • Mr. Thornton will check to see where it can be placed
    • Family Maker Night- 12/8
      • Sign up genius is already out for people to help
      • Bring a snack to share
    • Holiday Shop- 12/11 through 12/15
      • Items start as low as twenty-five cents
      • If you know of anyone who wants to donate funds to this cause contact Beth Daane
      • This event is so our students, who typically cannot afford to purchase gifts for loved-ones, will have the opportunity to buy something for them
      • Will need help with staffing and Beth will send out an email for sign ups
  • Establish committee to work on welcome events for redistricted families from Ellen Powell
    • Dana Griffin, Jen Smith, Kate Scales, and Meghan Bradley
  • “Parent Forum” proposal, in lieu of Dec. PTO meeting from Ellen Powell and Jen Smith
    • Invite multiage parents from Agnor Hurt to start a forum on how multiage has worked for their school.
      • Jen Smith will spear head this initiative
    • If we MUST have a PTO meeting in December, to discuss specific concerns, we can. This will be TBD later.
  • Assistant Principal’s Report from Michael Thornton
    • Teachers and Ms. Molinaro are currently visiting different schools in New York for the week. They are learning different philosophical approaches.
    • Making Connections Day brought people in from all over the country to present.
    • Parent Panel with staff is coming up next week.
    • Jamie Dion is doing training with all TA’s on Responsive Classroom to have consistent language across the school.


NEXT PTO MEETING: January 9 @ 6:30 in the Library

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