Lunch Loot Challenge!

It’s time for the next Feed the Bear Challenge!  Think about how much you might spend on a lunch out this week and considering donating that amount to Woodbrook Elementary instead.  Donations in any amount are welcome and greatly appreciated.  Contributions can be put in the “Hive” in the lobby or made via the pay pal link below.


We also wanted to acknowledge that everyone’s preferences for contributing are different so if you are a “one and done” type of donor FANTASTIC and thanks!  If you prefer participating through 50/50 raffles, check out the table at the Game Night and/or the Sweetheart Dance.  If you are all in for more than one/all of the little challenges along the way, you are in luck because there’s even more coming!  So far we have collected almost $900 towards our ultimate goal of $5000.  We will keep you posted as we get closer and closer to our goal.  We anticipate surveying folks as the campaign ends this spring to see if Woodbrook families would prefer we return to more traditional catalog sales next year.

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