PTO reminders!

  1.  Come out to support the PTO Bake Sale on Tuesday, November 7th.  On your way to vote or after, stop by and purchase a dessert for later, supply a dessert to be sold, or volunteer to spend a few hours in the tent making everyone else happy!  See the sign up genius under the volunteer tab to help out.
  2. Have your voice heard regarding redistricting on Wednesday, November 8th.  There will be presentation of 3 potential approaches to redistricting at Agnor Hurt’s cafeteria starting at 6:30pm.  See an earlier post from this week with links to learn more about the options and process.
  3. Considering bringing in a snack for the teachers during parent -teacher conferences on Thursday, November 9th any time between 3-7pm.
  4. Keep your eyes open for opportunities to “Bee the Change” – the Honey Pot should be making an appearance at the Bake Sale and then details will be coming out shortly about a poster contest for the Feed the Bear campaign.  Stay tuned!

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