School News!

  1.  The Chance to Dance program starts up on Tuesday, October 10th for participants in K-2nd grade and on Wednesday, October 11th for participants in 3rd-5th grade.
  2. Join Principal Molinaro in the first of hopefully many “Chat and chew” sessions on Tuesday, October 10th from 6-6:30pm.  Break bread and talk about the school year thus far at Woodbrook.  Stick around afterwards if you are able for the PTO meeting.
  3. If you were unable to attend the Gifted and Enrichment services meeting on October 4th, feel free to contact Brandon Readus with any questions.
  4. C.A.R.E.S. word of the week is EMPATHY.  Empathy is the feeling that you understand and share another person’s experiences and emotions.  It is the ability to share someone else’s feelings.  Have you ever felt sad or happy with a friend just because he/she was sad or happy?  That’s empathy!
  5. Want to keep up with the happenings in and around Woodbrook?  Check out the Woodbrook Bear Den blog.

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