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The Fun Fair is this Saturday on October 20th from 4-7 pm! We hope to see you and your family there! Help us spread the word and invite your friends, too. Don’t forget, all kids get 10 free game tickets upon entry.  If they buy an arm band and want to donate their 10 free tickets, we will have a collection box and those tickets will be “bought back” for a donation to the PTO!

It takes our entire school community (and more) to make the Fun Fair a success!  We still need plenty of volunteers to help run games, so please consider signing up for a shift or share with anyone who might be able to help.  The online sign up sheet is here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040f49a5aa28a64-20181

October PTO Meeting Minutes

PTO Meeting minutes
October 9, 2018

Woodbrook Library
6:30-8 PM


  • Welcome/Overview – Jen Smith and Dana Griffin (5 min)
    • Atlarge position vote (spoiler alert: Amy Barbour won!)


  • Treasurer’s Report – Maureen Boisvert (5 min)
    • Reviewed current balance
    • Recent t-shirt sales, attraction books, holiday market, and fun fair ticket sales were deposited
    • Checks made were for the bank fee and t-shirt invoice
    • Treasurer report was approved


  • Fundraising Report– Kate Scales and Hannah Barnaby (10 min)
    • Still looking for coordinators
    • Reviewed potential partners for restaurant nights
      • Missy Bishop and Sara Lewis volunteered to organize the restaurant nights
    • Coordinator still needed to circulate 50/50 raffle at additional Woodbrook events
      • Ilona Whitt volunteered to run the 50/50 raffles
    • Holiday Market
      • Poinsettias might be passed out at Holiday Market
    • Penguin Patch
    • Poinsettia Sales
      • Will be run/organized by Kerri Kirkeide
        • Keri needs price point, Maureen will provide this information
    • Fundraiser ideas from other schools
      • MightyNest.com website fundraiser
      • Children’s art onto mugs, pillows, etc… were sold to parents, grandparents
      • Student’s art work on postage stamps or notecards


  • Communications Report – Zarina Burdges (5 min)
    • Paper newsletter- bimonthly
    • Website is better for quick posts
    • Mailchimp may be sent out monthly- still finalizing details


  • Parent Council report – Kim McQuown (5 minutes)
    • There has been no meeting since our last PTO meeting


  • Requests for support (volunteers and/or financial) (10 min)
    • Loaves & Fishes: https://cvilleloavesandfishes.volunteerhub.com/lp/woodbrook/
      • Rachel Clark, Family Support Worker at Woodbrook, discussed the weekend food program. Will be able to fund a whole year of food for 55 kids. They are asking that people volunteer on Thursdays at 1:00 to bag food. First United Methodist is the partner.
      • Loaves and Fishes will be focusing on breakfast and lunch
      • They will also be doing some outreach to the community
      • They currently need plastic grocery bags, volunteers, and fundraising ideas.


  • Updates/Feedback/Follow up (5 min)
    • Attraction Books: https://www.attractionsbook.com/ezpay/
      • We don’t have the total count at this time, but have sold 1 box so far
      • If you sell 5 you get one free
      • More will be sold at Woodbrook events throughout the year
    • School Pictures
      • Runners going to the class would be helpful for next year
      • A volunteer could line students up outside the room
      • Make up date is NOVEMBER 7th
    • Hispanic Heritage Night
      • Was a success
    • Vision & Hearing Screening
      • Follow up is October 10th at 9 am



  • Upcoming PTO Events (20 min)
    • Box Tops (10/15)
      • Please cut them out
      • Please bag them by 50
    • Fun Fair (10/20): https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040f49a5aa28a64-20181
      • Compensation (gift cards) for Murray students who are working??
        • Event Photographer
        • Barber
        • DJ
          • It was decided that we will not pay for services, but will welcome volunteers, but will approach them again for the Sweetheart Dance
      • Lambda Phi Epsilon will be volunteering for the earlier time slots
      • National Society of Black Engineers will also be volunteering
      • New Games Include:
        • Cake Walk (new layout and winner will get a whole cake)
        • Pie face showdown
        • Puzzle breakout room
      • Raffles
        • 32 teachers
        • 35 raffles total
        • Baskets are coming together nicely
      • Al Carbon is donating a portion of the food proffits for concessions
      • World Strides is donating money for concessions
      • Potential ribbon cutting ceremony which will be organized by the school
    • Movie Night (11/1)- Coco is the movie
      • Ellen and David Powell are running it
      • Currently there is no screen
        • PTO might purchase a screen
      • Charlottesville Pediatric Dentistry is pairing with Woodbrook PTO and is donating pizza and an electric toothbrush for candy donated to the troops
    • Election Day Bake Sale (11/6)
      • Sign up genius is needed
      • Sarah Henry will coordinate it
    • Holiday Market (12/8)- a sign up genius will go out
      • Amy Barbour and Dana Griffin are chairing the holiday market
      • 15 vendors have signed up so far
      • Crafting or card making table
        • One or two people are needed to run it
      • Poinsettias can be picked up at that time
      • Attraction books will be sold there
      • Set up will be the night before (help will be needed)
      • Clean up help will be needed at the end


  • Questions/Comments/Suggestions/Other (5 min)
    • Add on additional areas to book for events (parking lot, playground, etc…)
    • Facebook members on the PTO page must be a guardian or relative of a current student- page is to be private


  • Principal’s Report – Jen Underwood (10 min)
    • Next year they might open the bay area in the gym and have outdoor patio seating for the Hispanic Heritage night
    • Weekly newsletter goes out to teachers on Mondays. If any additional info needs to be added to it please send it to Ms. Underwood by Sunday afternoon

Next PTO Meeting:  November 13th, 6:30 PM in the library

Volunteers Needed for Loaves and Fishes

Loaves and Fishes (2050 Lambs Road, 22901) is providing weekend food bags to Woodbrook families.  They are looking for 3 volunteers each Thursday from 1-2 pm to help package these and deliver to the school.  Please consider donating an hour of your time on one or more Thursdays to help out.  Here is the sign up link: https://cvilleloavesandfishes.volunteerhub.com/lp/woodbrook/

Fun Fair Volunteers Needed!

It takes our entire school community (and more) to make the Fun Fair a success!  We’ve moved the big event to the fall this year; Saturday, October 20th from 4-7pm to be specific. There are many ways to help beyond volunteering to serve at the event itself. Please click on the button below to view the online sign up sheet: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040f49a5aa28a64-20181

Attractions Books for Sale!

Save the Date: Fun Fair on October 20th!

Save the date of October 20 for the Woodbrook Fun Fair!  This annual event features games and prizes, food, and raffle, including raffles for cool activities with Woodbrook teachers. Bring the family – October 20, 4-7 PM, at the school.  Wristbands and tickets for games can be ordered in advance (order forms went home in Tuesday folders) or purchased at the door.

If you or anyone you know would like to sign up to volunteer, please sign up here:  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040F49A5AA28A64-20181

September PTO Meeting Minutes

PTO Meeting minutes
September 25, 2018

Woodbrook Library
5:30-8 PM


  • Welcome & Introduction – Jen Smith and Dana Griffin (10 min)

    • Marvelous to Meet you activity

  • Budget Overview/Treasurer’s Report – Maureen Boisvert (10 min)

    • Woodbrook PTO Financial Overview was reviewed

      • What we support

        • Community Events

        • Enrichment

        • Operations

      • How we pay for it

        • Silent Auction Proceeds (20%)

        • Fun Fair Tickets and Concessions (15%)

        • Grocery Store Programs (18%)

        • Feed the Bear (10%)

        • Attraction Books (9%)

        • Book Fair (9%)

        • Restaurant Nights (5%)

        • Box Tops (4%)

    • Treasurer’s Report was approved

  • Fundraising Overview– Kate Scales and Hannah Barnaby (10 min)

    • Easy Ways to Contribute

      • Kroger

      • Harris Teeter

      • Amazon Smile

      • Shoparoo

      • BoxTops

    • Variety of fundraising opportunities to participate in this year

      • Catalog fundraisers (wrapping paper, etc…)

      • Fun Fair

      • Silent Auction

    • Coordinators are needed for fundraising

      • Restaurant nights (one per month)

      • Feed the Bear Mascot (to sell 50/50)

      • Movie nights (could just volunteer to coordinate one time)

  • Communications Overview – Zarina Burdges and Malva Mangan (5 min)

  • Parent Council report – Kim McQuown (5 minutes)

    • Was held last week at Murray HS

      • Toured Murray and learned about the charter school and their programs/activities/standards

      • Dr. Haas provided an overview of the beginning of the school year and the expectations

      • Brainstormed ideas on who will be attending future meetings as a guest speaker

  • Updates/Feedback/Follow up: (20 min)

    • Open House

      • Used 15 tubs of ice cream

      • 4 containers of sprinkles

      • 9 containers of whipped cream

      • 2 containers or caramel/2 chocolate

    • Back to School Night

      • T-Shirt hand out was a challenge due to shipments being delayed (weather)

    • Calendar & Budget

      • Approved

      • Does not include restaurant nights

      • Does not include attraction books

      • Does not include yearbook sales

      • Does not include kindergarten registration

    • T-shirts

    • Volunteers

      • Needs

      • Recruitment

  • Requests for support (volunteers and/or financial)

    • Hispanic Heritage

      • PTO provided two 100’ banners for $24.47

    • Reshelve books in the library- a consistent person is needed

    • Music

      • Set of 15 instruments for over $4,000 (they are pursuing grants)

        • Potentially the 5k in the spring could provide the proceeds to the music and PE departments

    • Loaves & Fishes

      • Needs plastic bags

        • Approximately 100 bags of food provided in students’ backpacks on Fridays

    • Rock Garden/Sensory Path/Stencils

      • Rocks being painted by the students

      • Collaboration with the art classes

  • Upcoming School Events (5 min)

    • School Pictures (9/26, 8:15-11:45 am)

    • Hispanic Heritage Night (9/28, 6:30-8:30pm in the gym)

    • Vision and Hearing Screening (10/4, 12:30-2:30 2-3 volunteers needed)

  • Upcoming PTO Events (10 min)

    • Box Tops (10/15)

  • Fun Fair (10/20)

    • Movie Night (11/1)

      • Candy donation to the troops

    • Election Day Bake Sale (11/6)

      • Shelter will be provided (portico)

    • Holiday Market (12/8)

  • Questions/Comments/Suggestions/Other (5 min)

    • Katrina Callsen introduced herself and encouraged parents to reach out to her with questions or concerns

    • Can a pamphlet be provided to inform parents what the options are for classroom (multiage, open space, etc…)

    • Parent teacher conferences will be held on October 25th and November 8th from 2:30-7:30 pm

    • Please follow parent car drop off procedures


  • Principal’s Report – Lisa Molinaro and Jenn Underwood (10 min)

    • Construction is still going on (majority is done, punch list is getting completed)

      • Door as you come in, created a crack in the wall

    • Construction does not interfere with student’s education

    • Dr. Haas announced that Woodbrook is the safest school due to being on the keypad system

      • Keypad system is currently not working as the company went out of business

      • Should be up and working by October 10th

    • Entryway is still being worked on

      • Doors are keyed to one key that teachers have

      • Magnetic strips for employees will be at the main entrance

      • Construction is trying to get the doors on a consistent system

    • Lockdown drills

      • Center of the school (not pods) lockdowns are easy (go into a classroom, doors are trigger locked, and when the door is closed it is locked)

      • If an invasive entry occurred- they are not able to get in on the outside of the building (unless a door is propped open)

      • ⅔ pod- the way that doors are hinged… if you let the left door go instead of the right door there is weather stripping between the two doors- so thick that it keeps the two doors from connecting, which create an open door. Teachers need to be trained that there is a specific way to enter and exit a door.

      • Woodbrook is looking (Dr. Haas is involved) in the best way to get them to safety.

      • Dr. Nick King walked through the school (without Lisa) to assess safety.

      • First lockdown drill will be held next week

    • Academic standpoing

      • Lot of growing going on with the staff

      • Teachers want more time to plan together

        • Staggered PLCs

      • Teachers are getting paid extra money for common planning together (afterschool)

    • Yearlong journey around culturally responsive teaching

      • Training

        • 18 teachers today, 21 tomorrow, 20 on Thursday

    • Schoolwide morning meeting on Friday, September 28

Next PTO Meeting:  October 9th, 6:30 PM in Woodbrook’s library

September Parent Council Update

The first Parent Council meeting of the year was held at Murray Middle/High School.  If you are not familiar with Murray, it is a small, project based charter school within the Albemarle County School System. Principal Chad Ratliff along with a few faculty members presented information about the school and how state standards are met and documented through project learning.  The newly renovated school will be taking applications for the 2019/2020 school year beginning in early October. 
Dr. Haas, our new superintendent, also spoke about the start of a new school year where the topics ranged from CATEC, to the shortage on bus drivers, to school board meetings. He encourages everyone to fill out the survey that was sent out last week by October 5th and to check out the school board website.  For more information about these topics, contact Kim McQuown (Woodbrook’s Parent Council Representative), see the websites below, or come to the PTO meetings for monthly updates!
Kim McQuown: [email protected] 
Parent Council Website: http://www.acpsparentcouncil.org

Dr. Haas’ Survey (complete by 10/5):  https://survey.k12insight.com/survey.aspx?k=SsUTPVsQPPWsPsPsP&lang=0&data=

School News, Newspaper with white background

September Newsletter

Save the Date: September 25th Volunteer Orientation and PTO Meeting

Come for the Volunteer Orientation (required each year for anyone who would like to volunteer at Woodbrook) on September 25th at 5:30 pm.  If you are unable to attend this training, please contact the office to schedule a school day session.

…and stay for the first PTO Meeting of the year at 6:30 pm, to immediately follow the Volunteer Orientation. Check out the activities we have planned for the year and see how you can do your part to make this school year great!  Most of our meetings take place on the 1st or 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm in the library.  Childcare will be available for children ages 3 and up.

See you at Back to School Night!

Back to School Night on September 20th from 6-8 pm is a great opportunity to meet your children’s teachers, visit their classrooms, and find out what the students have been up to!

The PTO will also be present to answer questions about what we do and how you can help. Parents can pick up Woodbrook T-shirts and magnets that you ordered at Back to School Night.  If you haven’t had a chance to submit your orders, we will have a limited supply available for sale on that night as well.  If you can’t make it to back to school night, we will send home the t-shirts and magnets through your child’s classroom teacher on Friday.
We also hope to have Attractions coupons books for sale at Back to School night.

Woodbrook Open House – August 20th

Dear Woodbrook Parents,

Don’t forget to join us for the Woodbrook Elementary Open House!

PreK & Kindergarten families begin at 4:30 pm. We ask families with children in 1st-5th grades to attend Open House at at 5:30 pm.

Finally, school supplies can be purchased at Open House for $30 made payable by check or cash. There will also be an Ice Cream Social.

We look forward to meeting everyone!


Last Week of School!?!

Here’s what’s going on this last week of the 2018-2019 school year. . .

Monday, June 4th: First Grade Field Trip, Kindergarten picnic and 3rd grade success night
Tuesday, June 5th: School-wide morning meeting at 12:30pm in the new gym, Bright Stars Field Trip
Wednesday, June 6th: 1st and 2nd grade multi-age field trip picnic at Wildrock
Thursday, June 7th: 1/2 day of school (11:30am dismissal). If parents are picking up their child(ren) before 11:30am, they must sign them out in the office.  Thursday is also the LAST day of school and 5th grade graduation.  4th grade families customarily host a reception for the 5th grade families after the ceremony.  Sign up at  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0e44a9ab2ea46-5thgrade to help
Friday, June 8th:  No school for students but teachers will be working hard to pack up their classrooms as the school will be closed to everyone not connected to construction.  We will be providing teachers with lunch.  To help see: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0c48afad22a7f85-endofyear

Looking for some reading fun in the sun for the kids?   See the attached flyer from our library!

School News!

Hard to believe that Memorial Day weekend is already upon us!  No school Monday!  A few reminders for the coming week:

  1.  Please remember to return your child(ren)’s preliminary class placement letters for next year with any questions and comments.  Your input is valued and appreciated.
  2. Children return to school on Tuesday, May 29th; 4th graders get to go on a Field Trip to Camp Albemarle while 5th graders take their Virginia Studies SOL.
  3. On Wednesday, May 30th, first grade celebrates their success night.
  4. On Thursday, May 31st, the 1st/2nd grade multi-age will be having their end of year picnic at Wildrock while Bright Stars will have their Kindergarten readiness family night that evening.
  5. On Friday, June 1st, Woodbrook will be hosting its final school-wide morning meeting during which we will be officially welcoming students redistricted from Greer and Agnor-Hurt.  In addition, Woodbrook will be having its annual volunteer appreciation event in the Art Room following the school-wide morning meeting.  On a busy Friday, the 4th and 5th grade classes will be having their Family cook-out at 11:30am and the first grade classes will going on a Field Trip.
  6. Albemarle County Public Schools is conducting a survey re: transportation services.  To participate, please click on the following link by June 7, 2018:https://survey.k12insight.com/k/SsUTPVsYWVsPsPsPsVSUSXPURU
  7. June 7th also is our last day of school; a half-day as well as 5th grade graduation.  4th grade families will be hosting a reception afterwards.  Sign up to help at https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0e44a9ab2ea46-5thgrade

Calling all 4th grade parents. . .

It has been a long-standing tradition at Woodbrook for the 4th grade parents to host a reception for the 5th grade class to celebrate the culmination of their elementary school years.  This year’s gathering will be in the cafeteria on Thursday, June 7th following the 5th grade stepping up ceremony.  Below is a sign up genius link to help organize the event.  Donations can be dropped off ahead of time in the office or delivered day of to the cafeteria.  Please contact Beth Daane with any questions.

Silent Auction!

This year we are trying something new!  Those of you who attended the Fun Fair had the opportunity to view and bid on a number of items.  In fact, you may have won big on Saturday!  Not everyone could be there, however, so we wanted to continue the fun online.  Check out: https://www.32auctions.com/WES2018SilentAuction to see if there’s anything that peaks your interest.  Share with your friends, family and neighbors. . . you don’t have to be part of the Woodbrook community to participate.

Teacher Appreciation Week!

May 7th -May 11th is Teacher/Staff Appreciation at Woodbrook Elementary School!  Attached is a template if your child(ren) are interested in sending notes for their teachers.  In the past, we have done a gift card raffle on Friday; we are still looking for donations in any amount and from any store.  Please send them in to the school by Thursday.  We are also hoping to provide teachers and staff fruit and healthy snacks each day in the teacher’s lounge as well.  Know too that your financial contributions thus far have enabled the PTO to send the teachers to Brick Oven for lunch throughout this upcoming week as well as lottery tickets and lunch vouchers at Chick-Fil-A.  We will also be setting up a traveling coffee bar one day this week.

Seeking Fun Fair Volunteers!

It takes our entire school community to make the Fun Fair and Silent Auction a success.  This Mother’s Day weekend, please consider donating an hour of your time to run a game, collect tickets, sell some food, monitor the Silent Auction or Raffles, bake some cupcakes, and/or help with set up/clean up.  The Fair itself runs from 4-7pm on Saturday, May 12th.  We will be start setting up Friday after school and collecting baked goods at that time.  See the sign up genius below for all the possible ways to contribute to this fantastic event.  Know friends and neighbors who might be interested in coming and volunteering?  Be sure to invite them and feel free to share the sign up genius link.  The more, the merrier!


School News!

  1. This coming week is Spirit Week at Woodbrook:

Monday: Dress like your favorite book character

Tuesday: Crazy Hair Day

Wednesday: Twin Day

Thursday: PJ Day

Friday: Woodbrook Spirit Day

2. The next school-wide morning meeting will be on Monday, April 30th.

3. Mrs. Pollack and Mrs. Remley’s first grade classes will be visiting the Metro Richmond zoo on Tuesday, May 1st.

4.  Tuesday, May 1st and Wednesday, May 2nd are the last two days of clubs and tutoring.

5.  Wednesday, May 2nd is the Kindergarten music concert.  Showtimes are at 1 and 6:30pm.

6.  Friday, May 4th is a popular Field Trip day:

4/5’s are going to Washington D.C.

Bright Stars are headed to Kluge Ruhe and Pen Park

The Kindergartens are off to Ashlawn

7. Saturday, May 5th, 7 pm – Our Chance to Dance class will be performing at the Paramount Theater as part of Charlottesville Ballet’s: A Decade of Dance.

LulaRoe Fundraiser!

We have two hosts for the fundraiser: A-Z   You can shop at one or BOTH locations!  Go and find all your unicorns!!!
Time: 2-4 Sunday 4/29
A-Z LuLaRoe (Ashley and Zarina)
1407 Teakwood Cove
Charlottesville, VA 22911
Monique Bragg
1005 Wildmere Place
Charlottesville, VA 22901
(Location around house at back door)​
Busy this weekend?  No worries; you can shop online for the fundraiser for up to one week after the event at facebook.com/groups/lularoeatoz and facebook.com/groups/crazycomfortable

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